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Canterbury College celebrates 2023 United Nations Day

Watch Canterbury College students, staff, parents, extended families and alumni celebrate this year’s United Nations Day with a stunning multicultural celebration. It was a day of learning, appreciating and celebrating all the different cultures and foods that make up the incredibly diverse “Canterbury Family”, of almost 80 dialects from around 60 different countries


“I want Australian Anglicans to know about West Papua”

“Human rights abuses of West Papuans by the Indonesian Government have gone on for so long that many people who were born since the Indonesian takeover are now grandparents. That’s why West Papuan Australians like me need to speak up in support of the Pacific Elders and others who stand up for the rights of my people to live in peace, freedom and safety,” says a former West Papuan refugee


Faith groups: the climate game plan must be for 2030

Faith communities across Australia held vigils yesterday outside the offices of Members of Parliament, including that of the Prime Minister. Their unified call was for Australia to take stronger climate policies to the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow later this month, especially for a stronger 2030 target