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“Remember the Sudanese people in your personal prayers and in your Sunday service intercessions”

“Despite what people may read or hear in the media, the war in Sudan is not about religion. In 2021 when my Anglican priest father was murdered — at a time when the unrest, that led to the war, started — Muslims and Christians gathered for his funeral. My priest father was beloved by the whole community. The war is about resources — about access to gold and oil,” says The Rev’d Rebecca King

"The Australian Government only reinstated life-saving emergency UNRWA funding after strong community pressure. And, community pressure helped with Australia’s backing of Palestine’s bid for full United Nations membership at a United Nations general assembly vote late last week," says Australian emergency doctor Ahmad Abou-Sweid, as the Anglican Church Southern Queensland's Justice Unit calls for readers to contact their elected representatives asking for the suspension of military exports to Israel and implement appropriate sanctions
Justice & Advocacy

What is happening to Christian and Muslim Palestinians in Gaza and how can we help them?

“As a doctor, it is amazing to see how efficiently resources are mobilised here in Australia when an unwell or injured child comes into our emergency departments…But no resources are accessible to Palestinian children in Gaza — hospitals have been intentionally destroyed and humanitarian medical aid intentionally blocked. Children in Gaza are being left to die hungry and in pain. Why? Because Israel and its allies deem it acceptable since these children were born Palestinian. As a Palestinian and as a doctor my heart breaks every day I am unable to stop this from happening to my people,” says Dr Ahmad Abou-Sweid


WCC condemns killing of aid workers in Gaza

World Council of Churches general secretary The Rev’d Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay condemned the killing of aid workers in Gaza, and extended condolences to the families and friends who are in shock and mourning upon hearing the news that an Israeli airstrike killed seven people working for World Central Kitchen

Homilies & Addresses

Human Rights Day 2023 address

“In short, Australia’s pursuit of unity and prosperity and willingness to subordinate human rights to achieve those ends raises serious questions about who we are and what we value,” said Prof Renee Jeffery in her 2023 Human Rights Day address on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Canterbury College celebrates 2023 United Nations Day

Watch Canterbury College students, staff, parents, extended families and alumni celebrate this year’s United Nations Day with a stunning multicultural celebration. It was a day of learning, appreciating and celebrating all the different cultures and foods that make up the incredibly diverse “Canterbury Family”, of almost 80 dialects from around 60 different countries