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Faith groups: the climate game plan must be for 2030

Faith communities across Australia held vigils yesterday outside the offices of Members of Parliament, including that of the Prime Minister. Their unified call was for Australia to take stronger climate policies to the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow later this month, especially for a stronger 2030 target

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2021 Brisbane Peace Lecture

“Our geo-strategic situation begins at home. We live with the world’s oldest continuous culture. This culture has been in existence for over 60,000 years. It is significantly older than all other cultures and intellectual traditions handed down to us over the centuries,” says Professor Chris Barrie in his St John’s Cathedral International Day of Peace address

People in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo

Anglican Church of Ceylon calls for urgent action from UN Human Rights Council

“The Anglican Church of Ceylon is increasingly concerned by the deterioration of human rights in Sri Lanka. They have highlighted the polarisation of institutions and society, the politicisation of the vaccination efforts, the militarisation of politics and other institutions, and government crackdowns on peaceful protestors”


World record attempt: 195 anthems, 100 languages, two sisters, one day

Two young Christian sisters reflect on their plan to set an official world record, while simultaneously raising awareness of children’s and women’s empowerment and climate care, by singing the world’s 195 national and UN permanent member state anthems in 100 languages at St John’s Cathedral, as part of the Cathedral’s International Day of Peace celebrations on 21 September