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Reflections A father and son in a Canadian national park surrounded by trees Reflections

"In politics the tail often wags the dog"

“Canadians are incredibly gracious drivers. Even those who drive the most ridiculously large utes stop on a dime to let people cross the road — even in places where there is no pedestrian crossing. Italian traffic looks to be incredibly chaotic. It in fact operates under two very important rules that are obeyed to the letter: 1. Go as fast as you can. 2. Do not hit anybody,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Justice & Advocacy Bishop Daniel Abot with St John’s College (within the University of Queensland) student leaders in November 2023 Justice & Advocacy

When assumptions go awry

“I recently shared some of my experiences with elected student leaders from St John’s College within the University of Queensland alongside the anglican focus editor Michelle McDonald. We were invited by the college to run a session for the student leaders on cultural capability and we shared the following personal stories in our workshop,” says Bishop Daniel Abot

“My favourite line in Matthew’s Gospel is ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God’…This is my favourite line because I am shown a clear picture of what a peacemaker is through my dad every day,” (Anna Deng from St Bart’s, Toowoomba)

What is your favourite Gospel of Matthew passage and why? | Anna Deng, Sam Sigamani, Samuel Dow

Three members of our Diocesan community tell us about their favourite passage from the Gospel of Matthew, including Anna Deng, The Rev’d Sam Sigamani and The Rev’d Samuel Dow


Creeds and controversies

“About 13 years ago, while serving as the Dean of Darwin, I said during an ABC Radio National interview that, ‘I’d be happy to abandon the creed.’ This comment inadvertently made for a terrific headline and clickbait. With the wisdom of hindsight, I would express myself differently,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Parishes navigate obstacles to help refugees arriving in UK

Churches across the UK are continuing their efforts to assist refugees fleeing Ukraine following the Russian invasion. The latest figures from the United Nations show that almost 4.3 million people have left Ukraine since the invasion. The International Organization for Migration says that 7.1 million are displaced within the country