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Parish of Chermside op shop volunteers (L-R) Jan Donkersloot, Anthea Meadows and Anna Took in the Parish of Chermside op shop on 30 September 2020

Our op shop: another door to our church

“Our op shop is more than a shop. It is a ministry – a warm and welcoming space where people know that they come for a chat every weekday,” say Parish of Chermside op shop coordinators Jan Donkersloot and Anthea Meadows, who also offer valuable tips for starting and running a church op shop


Overhead projectors and wheelie walkers

“Sometimes involving unwell people or those living with a disability in church activities means things don’t quite go to plan. This is okay – and sometimes it is unexpectedly fantastic,” says an ACSQ community member and former disability pensioner


Hospitality: How well does your church do it?

“It is natural for people who have been going to their church for a long time and formed many friendships to think that it is a warm and welcoming place; however, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the newcomer to really evaluate our level of hospitality,” says Dr Stephen Harrison


Christ at Caltex

“Reflecting on the encounter I think there is a gentle challenge from God for me to be a little more mindful about what’s going on in the lives of those around me, and to recognise the daily opportunities there are to encourage and be encouraged,” says Bishop Cam Venables on his chance meeting in Caltex on Ash Wednesday


When the cupboard is bare – a helping hand is there

“A church emergency food relief initiative supplies people with essential groceries, while enabling parishioners to connect with those who have little or no knowledge of Jesus and provides an opportunity to offer a sensitive and appropriate introduction to the Gospel,” says Care Cupboard Coordinator Glenda Ebert on The Parish of North Pine’s wonderful pantry ministry