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Justice & Advocacy Bishop Daniel Abot with St John’s College (within the University of Queensland) student leaders in November 2023 Justice & Advocacy

When assumptions go awry

“I recently shared some of my experiences with elected student leaders from St John’s College within the University of Queensland alongside the anglican focus editor Michelle McDonald. We were invited by the college to run a session for the student leaders on cultural capability and we shared the following personal stories in our workshop,” says Bishop Daniel Abot

"This year was the first time Baroona Farm took part in the LUMINOUS Lantern Parade. There were many highlights for us, including the process of creating our giant chili lantern in the week prior," (The Rev'd Samuel Dow, pictured with The Rev'd Jazz Dow and the Baroona Farm crew at Southbank in June 2023)
Justice & Advocacy

LUMINOUS Lantern Parade fun and festivities

Our Diocesan community recently joined in the LUMINOUS Lantern Parade fun. Find out the lantern parade highlights of three participants, including The Rev’d Samuel Dow from Baroona Farm, Walters Nkemfack from the Queensland Community Alliance and Khai Balabbo from Anglicare Southern Queensland


Creeds and controversies

”About 13 years ago, while serving as the Dean of Darwin, I said during an ABC Radio National interview that, ‘I’d be happy to abandon the creed.’ This comment inadvertently made for a terrific headline and clickbait. With the wisdom of hindsight, I would express myself differently,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Parishes navigate obstacles to help refugees arriving in UK

Churches across the UK are continuing their efforts to assist refugees fleeing Ukraine following the Russian invasion. The latest figures from the United Nations show that almost 4.3 million people have left Ukraine since the invasion. The International Organization for Migration says that 7.1 million are displaced within the country


Honouring my curacy pledge six years on because everyone has a right to live in peace and freedom

“The enduring memory I have of the sanctuary training is the sense of unity felt by people of all ages who came together, raising their voices for refugees whose voices were being ignored. The people who participated were from different faith and no faith backgrounds. I remember one young person saying to me, as we sat on the steps of the Cathedral, ‘If church was like this, I would be a part of it!’” says The Rev’d Sue Grimmett from St Andrew’s, Indooroopilly