World War II


Building up of a better world

Bishop Jeremy Greaves reflects on the legacy of his grandfather, the Bishop of Melanesia during World War II: “The Solomon Islands are very different to the islands my grandfather left 72 years ago and while there is still work to be done with regards to ‘schools, hospitals, dispensaries and training centres’, there are also new challenges to be faced”


Anglican Church remembers missionaries on New Guinea Martyrs Day

September 2 commemorates the Martyrs of New Guinea in the Anglican Church. Whom does this day honour and why? Ian Eckersley dives deep into the history and the incredible story behind this day, which is observed in the Anglican calendar worldwide, and has special relevance for parishioners in our Diocesan community.

Films & TV

Where Hands Touch

Jonathan Sargeant gives a mixed review on this motion picture drama, which is currently showing in cinemas, and which depicts the romance between a young bi-racial Berlin adolescent girl and a member of the Hitler youth