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“Religion at its best is an expression of something that is deeply embedded in the human person”

“There seems to be an innate spirituality that has its origins in and expresses our essential humanity, which bubbles up when we get in touch with the source of our being. For me this helps to explain why the use of water is to be found in a wide range of religious practices and why buildings like St Paul’s in London, and St John’s here in Brisbane, draw into a prayerful stillness people who claim to have no faith,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Reflections The Rev'd Canon Cheryl Selvage Reflections

Celebrating the baptism of a palliative care patient

“When I arrived at the patient’s bedside, I found him struggling for breath and on oxygen and yet delighted to see me. I introduced myself, explaining that I was from Pastoral Care. I needed to repeat this for him because N95 fitted masks and shields, along with general ward noise, often make it very hard to communicate these days. He very clearly responded that he was very pleased to see me, stating that he had been waiting a long time for such a conversation – seven years in fact,” says hospital chaplain, The Rev’d Canon Cheryl Selvage


Baptism book resource for churches: Welcome to a New Family

“The response to our Baptism book resource project has been wonderfully encouraging. Bishops and Archbishops have been keen to endorse the book and school chaplains and Religious Education teachers have also been enthusiastic,” says The Rev’d Paul Bland from St Paul’s, East Brisbane while providing tips on how parishes can produce their own book resources

Homilies & Addresses

Putting on Christ

“Every person who is baptised promises, or in the case of young children godparents promise on their behalf, to turn to Christ. They are signed with the sign of the cross to show that they are marked as Christ’s own forever. And they are called to Christian ministry, to serve Christ in the world,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


Being a baptised people this Advent

“Kieron’s patience in trusting that God would make a way for him to baptism, in God’s time and in God’s way, was a beautiful model of what the season of Advent can mean for us. We who anticipate Christ’s birth in our midst with much excitement and who also await the second coming of Christ, can often wonder how these things will come to be,” says priest for Holy Hermits Online, The Rev’d Jamee Callard