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Community of The Way

Reflections The Community of The Way's Stacey McCowan Reflections

“It was definitely unifying and uplifting”

“Stewards were run off their feet during the conference, but we were able to join in the worship, even if that meant singing and dancing from our fire exit posts. Every morning service was a joyous pick-me-up. Services were said and sung in different languages,” says Stacey McCowan from the Community of The Way

Reflections Caroline Eaton and Aaron Vidya Sagar Reflections

“God really showed up at the Lambeth Conference”

“The final song played at the conference was ‘Amazing Grace’. It was so beautiful to witness more than 600 people singing this iconic hymn. Even the bus drivers outside the venue joined in, which was really special. We stewards stopped what we were doing when the song started – we could feel an immediate shift, like something really special was happening,” says Community of The Way’s Aaron Vidya Sagar

Community of The Way member Eleanor Reid at the Lambeth Conference seminar ‘Environment: Living with the Fifth Mark of Mission’ in August 2022

Dispatch from a Lambeth Conference steward

“We Lambeth Conference stewards are a team of 48 young people, aged 18-35, from 22 different countries, with very different cultural and theological backgrounds and life experiences. Despite these differences everyone in the team treats each other with care and dignity, and openly hears others’ perspectives on difficult issues, working together to understand each other,” says Eleanor Reid from Community of The Way and The Parish of St Lucia


Is the Community of The Way for you?

“Have you ever considered sharing your Christian journey with a group of like-minded young adults living together in community? The Anglican Church Southern Queensland’s Community of The Way is inviting applications for 2023. And, we eagerly welcome chats with young adults who want to find out more about joining this unique intentional community,” says Community of The Way Chaplain Dr John Rolley, with applications closing at the end of August


When Aaron met the Aunties

“So culture for me is more than about how people look, the dances we dance, the music we listen or the art we create – it’s about how we show love, how we relate to one another,” says Community of The Way member Aaron Vidya Sagar, as NAIDOC Week approaches