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“In contrast to the BCA, which does not support rural ministry in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland, the BMF only supports rural ministry in parishes of our Diocese and gives at least 98 per cent of all money donated to support rural ministry,” says Bishop Cam Venables, as he updates us on the BMF’s vital ministry


COVID-19 chrysalis

“Some years ago, I read an article which suggested that if you cut a chrysalis open to help the emerging butterfly get out easily it will not be able to fly because it is in the process of struggling that the wings get the necessary blood flow to function,” says Bishop Cam Venables as he reflects on the way our Diocesan community has responded to COVID-19’s challenges


From Bush Brothers to Mission Area in 130 Years

“This book’s fundamental message is that the nitty-gritty of the economic livelihoods, social activities, cultural expressions and spiritual wellbeing of those living in our rural communities are uniquely intertwined, as folk resiliently pull together through the ups and downs of daily life,” says anglican focus Editor Michelle McDonald in her review of Christine McLean’s book, From Bush Brothers to Mission Area in 130 Years