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How to start a yarning circle

Learn more about how to facilitate a yarning circle, with Anglicare Cultural Capability Facilitator and Yiman woman, Olly Yasso: “I might have an opinion that someone else here might disagree with, that’s okay. You can say, ‘Look, I disagree with you Olly, this is my perspective on it.’ But what we try to do is look for commonalities, where we connect.”

Some of The Lakes Anglican Church community in February 2021 (L-R) Lyn Baxter (Warden, Treasurer and Ops Team Leader), Lyn Brown (Office Assistant and Pantry Coordinator, Haylie McManus (Intern), Dylan Katthagen (Intern), Isaiah Berris (Youth Coordinator), Rebecca King (Children's Ministry Coordinator), Dan Berris (Priest-in-Charge) and Trevor Ruthenberg (People's Warden)

Blessing and building the North Lakes community

Find out how Lakes Anglican Church parishioners are working together, and alongside other churches and community groups, to live out their vision, mission and values to care for their local community


Hope for Creation

Find out what insights three members of our Diocesan community have to share following a recent ‘Hope for Creation’ workshop, as well as about the biggest ever faith-based day of action for the environment, to be held in March


NCCA President's reflection

“As the poets say, the world is made up of stories! For me, these are stories of moments and people of grace in daily life. Noticing and sharing such moments help us keep ‘droving into the light’, as believers in the good news which Jesus proclaims in today’s Gospel,” says Bishop Philip Huggins as he shares four inspirational stories with us


Traditional Custodians: educators

“I am often asked to yarn with young school students – facilitating yarning is an important role of a First Nations educator…Everything I know is from yarning, listening and learning from my family and Elders,” says Aunty Sandra King OAM


The power of sharing stories

When Bishop Cam Venables had a skin cancer removed from his cheek in late July and subsequently shared about his experience online, the unexpected flow-on effects for other local Anglicans were significant – hear what Bishop Cam and others in our community have to say