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Canterbury College

Video Canterbury College Spark Program Video

Canterbury College’s Years 5-6 Spark Program

Watch Canterbury College Years 5 and 6 students participate in the Spark Program’s Arts Renewal bookbinding and decorating initiative where students experiment with unusual media and subject matter, research ideas from other artists, plus be inspired by stimulus from their own campus environment

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Canterbury ELC students take part in the "Community For Creatures" Banner Project

Watch Canterbury ELC Kagaru Class students collaborate on a 3m display banner featuring iconic Australian animals as part of a joint Australian Conservation Foundation and Canterbury “Community For Creatures” project. The young students use a variety of art materials, and discuss each animal’s situation, and how they can support environmental conservation in their local Waterford area


Canterbury College celebrates 2023 United Nations Day

Watch Canterbury College students, staff, parents, extended families and alumni celebrate this year’s United Nations Day with a stunning multicultural celebration. It was a day of learning, appreciating and celebrating all the different cultures and foods that make up the incredibly diverse “Canterbury Family”, of almost 80 dialects from around 60 different countries