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Reflections Reflections

Hop n Hymns: from Toowoomba to Thargomindah

“Many of the connections we made on our recent trip will continue and will give birth to new connections for a long time to come. One person we met told us their relative was in hospital in Toowoomba 1000 km away from home and family, and we were able to organise someone from our Ecumenical pastoral care team to visit them the very next day,” says hospital chaplain and St Bart’s, Toowoomba parishioner Jodie O’Shannassy

"Our wedding in 2018 with The Ven. Valerie Hoare, myself, my husband James Brooks, his best man John O’Brien, and groomsman Matt Lane. Pure laughter and joy from Valerie’s homily"
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with talented flautist, Parish of Goodna community member and Churchie teacher, Brijette Tubb

Meet Brijette Tubb and find out about her current ACSQ roles, how her faith shapes her outlook, which local Anglicans are the people of faith who inspire her the most, her childhood and the question she is always asking herself


The need for new songs…

“Many of the songs we sing in church look forward ‘one day’ to resurrection and eternal life, but I wonder if there are enough songs which express longing and hope for this life,” reflects Bishop Cam Venables


Music that heals the soul

The local Rotary Club of Toowoomba kindly raised $1600 which went towards purchasing 40 wireless headsets for Anglicare Southern Queensland Symes Thorpe residents living with dementia and high needs so residents can reconnect with treasured memories through personalised playlists