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Vocations Month

Reflections Deacons and priests, along with Archbishop Phillip Aspinall and The Ven. Keith Dean-Jones, in December 2018 Reflections

My post-pub call to the priesthood

“I’d never have stepped into a church of my accord, but when your fiancée suggests that you attend church, you go. Four years after the initial call to study, I walked into The Parish of North Pine. There I was asked by The Rev’d Lynda Johnson, ‘What brings you here today?’ With all the eloquence of a grunt I replied, ‘I dunno!’” recalls The Rev’d Peter Jeffery

St Francis College formation student Peter Jongkuch wearing his Tau cross at the college in July 2022
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with father of eight, formation student, Liturgical Assistant and former refugee, Peter Jongkuch

Meet Peter Jongkuch and find out about his current activities, why he wants to be a priest, his thoughts on Reconciliation and “Being Together: Embracing Joy”, his favourite scripture and what secret skill he learnt in the Kakuma Refugee Camp

Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with formation student, Dylan Katthagen

Meet Dylan Katthagen and find out about his current activities, his advice for those considering ordained ministry, his thoughts on “Being Together: Embracing Joy” and Reconciliation, what he loves most about studying at St Francis College, his secret skill and what day he would love to re-live and why


“I first heard about Jesus when someone on the street gave me a Bible”

“When we become aware that God is calling us to ordained ministry, it may at first come as a bit of a surprise; a realisation deep within that feels both right, yet strangely uncomfortable,” says The Rev’d Fang Ling Quested, as she shares her story of faith that brought her from the Buddhist temples of Taiwan to ordination in Brisbane, as Vocations Month continues


My vocation story: from Lost Boy to finding God in the desert

“The desert is a significant place where people can meet God. Even before Jesus, holy people used to withdraw themselves from their families and live in deserts to meet with God. I encountered God for the first time when I travelled the deserts and slept in deserts as a child – the desert is where my intimacy with him, before I became Christian, began,” says St Francis College formation student Mamuor Kunpeter, as Vocations Month continues