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Offshore detention

Justice & Advocacy Woman keeping vigil at the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel Alternate Place of Detention Justice & Advocacy

“Dear Future, I am ready”

“As for my friend, Ali, while life has not been easy following his release as he struggles financially to pay for basics, he is thankful for his freedom. He is also grateful to supporters of refugees, including many local Anglicans, who continue to bear witness to their suffering and advocate for more humane policies,” says Peter Branjerdporn from our Justice Unit

While the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral in Bendigo, John Roundhill was arrested in October 2014, along with eight other Christian leaders, during a sit-in in a Senator's Bendigo office where they prayed for the evacuation of children on Nauru
Justice & Advocacy

A nation-wide movement that started in a pub and led to my arrest

“I was arrested around 10 years ago during a prayerful sit-in inside a Senator’s Bendigo electoral office,” says Bishop John Roundhill, with Peter Branjerdporn from the Justice Unit

Justice & Advocacy

Former refugee Bishop Daniel Abot supports Bill, calling for the evacuation of refugees warehoused offshore for 10 years

“The 150 people still held in Papua New Guinea and on Nauru did not have to spend 10 years there – successive Federal Governments have arbitrarily held them there. I respect all 150 of these people for their incredible courage and resilience. And, I pray for their speedy evacuation. The sooner they are evacuated and brought here, the sooner they will be able to begin recovering, both mentally and physically,” says Bishop Daniel Abot in his Senate inquiry submission


Two good friends, one long story

“Her shift, she says, came from encountering people of different backgrounds at university around the same time she gave her life to Jesus. For her, getting to know people of diverse religious, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and hearing the stories of former refugees, while being immersed in Jesus’ ‘Love your neighbour’ teachings, opened both her mind and her heart,” says the Justice Unit’s Peter Branjerdporn