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Why run Alpha online?

“In many ways it was even better than meeting in person. To start with, it was much easier. One or two people can easily run an online course…People in your church can literally invite others from anywhere in the world so it massively widens the net of whom you can reach with your course,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from Resource Church St Andrew’s, Springfield

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The role and function of Online Liturgical Assistants

“After a few months of ‘digital church’, our Parish Council realised that those attending church online were a congregation in their own right and would benefit from support just like the usual face-to-face congregation, so the concept of an ‘Online LA’ was born,” says Sarah Gover from the Parish of North Pine

Dr Agnes Abuom, moderator of the World Council of Churches Central Committee participates in a 'Walk of Peace' on 23 August 2018 in Amsterdam. (Image: Albin Hillert/WCC)

Dr Agnes Abuom: “We pray that churches will recommit to the search for visible unity”

WCC News met online with Dr Agnes Abuom, moderator of the World Council of Churches central committee, and she offers reflections on the impact of COVID-19, what gives her hope, and the future of the ecumenical movement


An intro to Holy Hermits Online

The Rev’d Jamee Callard tells us about the new online Christian community ‘Holy Hermits Online’, which has emerged from the ongoing needs of the COVID-19 environment: “We get together on Zoom once a week…We are named after the holy hermits of our Christian history – holy men and women who have lived remarkable lives…they all have one thing in common, their deep personal relationship with God was what formed them and enabled them to channel the Holy Spirit back out into the world, sometimes influencing whole countries…Hopefully their stories will inspire us in looking for God”


Taking stock – we have come a long way

“In this topsy-turvy year, there have been times when merely getting out of bed deserved its own award. Yet perhaps we can take some time to consider just what hills we have climbed together and what insights we have gained along the way so we can apply these learnings to the way we do things – for the better,” says Bishop John Roundhill