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You are invited to join a free ACSQ digital learning cohort

“Last year St Bart’s really benefited from participating in a national digital learning cohort with churches of different denominations and sizes involved. It was a great blessing to learn from others, wrestle with questions together, think intentionally about our own contexts and have great input from world-class experts on the subject. Commencing in late May, we are beginning a similar digital learning cohort with churches across our Diocese,” says The Rev’d Adam Lowe from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba

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How to blog successfully: framework and tips for church leaders

“In a parish context, blogging requires structure, thought and crafting just as sermons, public addresses and theological reflections do. Effective and engaging blogging for a church audience is a form of ministry, serving to deepen parishioners’ faith and helping to grow a faith community,” says Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission’s, Michelle McDonald

Priest for Holy Hermits Online The Rev'd Jamee Callard with HHO community member Jeremy Fraser during an online catch-up in March 2022

The blessings of joining Holy Hermits Online: growing and serving from the comfort of your own home

“The benefits of joining Holy Hermits Online vary from person to person, and include convenience, simplicity, flexibility and COVID-19 safety, especially for people in high-risk demographics. Unlike YouTube live streaming, Zoom allows those attending to be more actively engaged, as we interact as an online community and participate in services much like we do offline,” says Jeremy Fraser from Holy Hermits Online


Why run Alpha online?

“In many ways it was even better than meeting in person. To start with, it was much easier. One or two people can easily run an online course…People in your church can literally invite others from anywhere in the world so it massively widens the net of whom you can reach with your course,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from Resource Church St Andrew’s, Springfield


The role and function of Online Liturgical Assistants

“After a few months of ‘digital church’, our Parish Council realised that those attending church online were a congregation in their own right and would benefit from support just like the usual face-to-face congregation, so the concept of an ‘Online LA’ was born,” says Sarah Gover from the Parish of North Pine