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Protest songs, country, religious rock, disco and folk: inspiring music of the 70s

“As part of a world-wide campaign to end the Vietnam War, musicians wrote and released songs that resonated with listeners. Many of these songs still do. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is a classic – it is often sung at big international charity events…And, Jimmy Cliff’s ‘Vietnam’ was hailed by Bob Dylan as the ‘the greatest protest song ever written’,” says Bob Randle from Holy Hermits Online, as he reminisces on iconic music of the 1970s


The way of contemplation

“Initially, I experienced meditation in the Buddhist way of chanting, but once I was introduced to Christian meditation it became my way. I first met in person with a beautiful group of people; however, I have discovered that time and space are no barriers to gathering with others for meditation. Meditating together can happen over Zoom, via a phone teleconference and in any other digital spaces where people can gather,” says Leonie Clancy from Holy Hermits Online


You are invited to join a free ACSQ digital learning cohort

“Last year St Bart’s really benefited from participating in a national digital learning cohort with churches of different denominations and sizes involved. It was a great blessing to learn from others, wrestle with questions together, think intentionally about our own contexts and have great input from world-class experts on the subject. Commencing in late May, we are beginning a similar digital learning cohort with churches across our Diocese,” says The Rev’d Adam Lowe from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba


How to blog successfully: framework and tips for church leaders

“In a parish context, blogging requires structure, thought and crafting just as sermons, public addresses and theological reflections do. Effective and engaging blogging for a church audience is a form of ministry, serving to deepen parishioners’ faith and helping to grow a faith community,” says Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission’s, Michelle McDonald