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Defence Force Chaplains

Chaplain The Ven. Rob Sutherland CSC beside a WW II memorial cross at St John’s Church, Gordon in 2015
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Defence Sunday — remembering with thankfulness and hope

“As a veteran and chaplain, I ask that on Defence Sunday people remember with thanks the sacrifice of those who served, suffered and died for us and their families; to commit to helping those wounded in body, mind and spirit; and, to pray for those who still serve in our name,” says Principal Chaplain, The Ven. Rob Sutherland CSC


Defence Sunday

“The ethos of service to the nation and its people is paramount for Defence Force members. They surrender their individual rights for the national need, they go into harm’s way, and with the authority and responsibility to serve, support and protect this great nation and its interests…Chaplains of the Defence Force live among our sailors, soldiers and aviators sharing the dangers and hardships, the hopes of life and struggles, especially when it comes to death,” says The Right Rev’d Grant Dibden, Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Force, as he shares about Defence Sunday