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Occupied Palestinian Territories

Reflections Girl from a Bedouin village and Greg Reflections

"It is the people — rather than the places — who especially capture my heart"

There are so many places that resonate with history, identity and faith, but it is the people — rather than the places — who especially capture my heartLet me share the stories of meeting a handful of remarkable people over several decades of visiting, working and living in Palestine and its adjacent lands,” says The Rev’d Dr Greg Jenks 

22 November 2022, Jerusalem, Palestine: A flock of birds fly over the Jerusalem old city and east Jerusalem (Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC)

WCC marks 75th commemoration of “Al-Nakba”

During the 75th commemoration of what Palestinians refer to as the nakba, or catastrophe”—when hundreds of thousands of people were uprooted during Israel’s creation in 1948—World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary The Rev’d Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay expressed solidarity with member churches in the Holy Land

Justice & Advocacy

Are you being served more than meets the eye?

“Shawarma is from the Arab-Middle East region, but a recent major tour company promotion described the shawarma as an Israeli delicacy. This is a far cry from the friendly tussle between Australia and New Zealand over pavlova!” says Helen Rainger, General Synod member and President of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network


Whom, or what, do we worship?

“I recently had the privilege of visiting an art exhibition in Brisbane that is currently showcasing the work of British street artist and film director, Banksy…One of the things Banksy repeatedly challenges is the complex reality of consumerism that flourishes and perpetuates itself in our ongoing love of stuff,” says Bishop Cam Venables