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A Reconciliation message from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

“Reconciliation begins with truth telling. Then it must involve taking action to set right situations where there is inequality, systemic racism or abuse of human rights…Peace and Reconciliation are central to the mission of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland. Strengthening and healing relationships with our First Nations peoples are fundamental to that mission,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

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What makes a flourishing faith community?

“Faith communities are committed to living out God’s mission. In the Anglican Church Southern Queensland, there are many different ways that people connect, belong and contribute to this mission…different faith communities express this diversity, whether it’s in parishes, in schools, in aged care facilities or youth communities, or mission agencies, or hospitals, or prisons, or a hundred other places,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

Toowoomba COVID-19 drive-through testing clinic, which is part of the emergency department at the Toowoomba Base Hospital (front to back, left to right): Lindsay Patava, Hygiene Support; Jo Thomae, CNC; Deb Lisle, RN; Rebecca Lyon, Doctor; Jodie O’Shannassy, Anglican Chaplain, Nicole Kilby, RN; Sandra Jacobs, RN; Steph Goodwin, RN; Helen Baylor, RN

How the mission of Jesus intersects with the mission of hospitals

“I am often asked what made me choose to become a hospital chaplain and the short answer to that is I didn’t choose. I believe I was chosen,” says hospital chaplain and St Bart’s, Toowoomba parishioner Jodie O’Shannassy


MTS Brisbane navigating uncharted waters

“As a result of current physical distancing measures and the need for many volunteers to stay in their homes, the human contact element of our role is marginalised, and our usual services curtailed. While this was initially perplexing, it has made us think more laterally and creatively, so our important ministry for seafarers may continue,” says Captain Ross Nicholls from Mission to Seafarers Brisbane


When the cupboard is bare – a helping hand is there

“A church emergency food relief initiative supplies people with essential groceries, while enabling parishioners to connect with those who have little or no knowledge of Jesus and provides an opportunity to offer a sensitive and appropriate introduction to the Gospel,” says Care Cupboard Coordinator Glenda Ebert on The Parish of North Pine’s wonderful pantry ministry