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“Every human being was saved by that beautiful baby”

“By being respectful in challenging conversations, helping people who are in need and taking time to be with people who are lonely, we are being a welcoming community. Just as the whole community – the shepherds, kings and animals – came together to be with the vulnerable baby in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, it is important for our community members to be there for those who are vulnerable,” says Parish of North Pine’s and AYCF’s, Tapiwanashe Masvaure


Straw & Order: how to create your own nativity short film

“The script we developed for our nativity film has fun songs, a novel and engaging plot and some cracking one-liners…The songs are upbeat, fun and catchy. They are intentionally simple enough for children as young as three years old, with adults up to 70 also participating, so it’s very intergenerational,” say Shona, Toby and Eleanor Bailey about their Straw & Order nativity short film, while inviting churches, schools and ministries to use their four-part movie as a resource in the lead up to Christmas


Our call as a baptised people during Advent

“At my Parish of Sandgate-Northpoint, I once witnessed a baptism where a young child with the hugest of smiles was taking in all around him, aware that something very special was happening. I observed how laid back this child was, despite the buzz of activity, accepting the baptism and the ensuing applause with grace,” says Margaret Humphries from GFS – An Anglican Ministry and the Parish of Sandgate-Northpoint


Saints in the Suburbs: Cathedral exhibition

The late David Alan Binns (1942-2008), who was an Anglican priest and prolific artist in our Diocese, used his art as a teaching tool. His artworks were often redolent with images of the story told in the everyday. One particular series, Saints in the Suburbs, inspired by the nativity narrative and painted by David for exhibition in Cathedrals Week in 2002, is returning to the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist during this coming Advent season