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Climate for Change

“I wholeheartedly recommend the use of ABM’s Climate for Change to anglican focus readers. It utilises excellent scholarship and resources to help us to gain a balanced opinion on the effects of climate change, the human role in the change, and ways we can act to reverse damage to the climate,” says The Rev’d Kaye Pitman OAM

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Dr Louk Andrianos on the Season of Creation: “Confess the broken relationship with God”

“Since the beginning, God’s wisdom gave us the Sabbath to let people and the earth rest every seventh day or every 49 years. We have not allowed the land to observe a Sabbath, and the earth is struggling to renew. Nowadays, our living pushes the planet beyond its limits and this has led human beings to a lifestyle that is far from peaceful,” says Dr Louk Andrianos from the World Council of Churches